PHONOLOGICAL TYPOLOGY conference, Oxford, 11-13 August 2013

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Tue Jun 11 14:53:20 UTC 2013

Upcoming conference, after ICHL 21 (Oslo, 5-9 August) and ALT 10 (Leipzig, 15-18 August):


11-13 August 2013
Somerville College
University of Oxford


...  is to address questions such as the following: 
1.      What is phonological typology?  

2.      How is it different from phonetic typology?

3.      How is it different from phonological theory?

4.	 How is it different from crosslinguistic phonology (that is, phonology looking at several languages)?

5.      How is it different from typology in general? 

Despite earlier work by Trubetzkoy, Jakobson, Martinet, Greenberg and others, and its inclusion in even earlier efforts towards “holistic” typology (see Plank 1998), phonological typology is often underrepresented or even excluded in typology textbooks or typology events such as the ALT conferences (see Hyman 2007). At the same time, many, if not most phonologists do not see a difference between phonological typology and cross-linguistic (formal) phonology. As a result, they often address issues of comparison without awareness of the field of typology and its concern with distributions and with little involvement in the foundational and methodological questions/controversies peppering the pages of Linguistic Typology.  Rather than having random papers, the explicit aim of this conference is to get typologists and phonologists to dialogue together in order to develop and increase the visibility of phonological typology within the field. 

If interested in phonology, typology, and the relationship between the two, you are cordially invited to attend.  Please do register here, as seating at the Margaret Thatcher Conference Center is limited:

Somerville College at Oxford is easy to find and to reach: 

Overseas travellers arriving at St Pancras by Eurostar proceed to Paddington and take a train to Oxford train station (takes about an hour);  while flyers to Heathrow take an Airline bus to Oxford Gloucester Green bus station (takes about an hour and a half from Heathrow's Central Bus Station and about an hour from Terminal 5);  from either station it's a 10 minute's walk to Somerville College right in the center of the city.

Accommodation at Oxford is everybody's own responsibility.  Perhaps try:

Aditi Lahiri (U Oxford)
Larry M. Hyman (U California Berkeley)
Frans Plank (U Konstanz)

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