ergative to accusative alignment

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Dear Raheleh,

Georgian is thought to have originally been ergative-absolutive, but then to have developed a nominative-accusative (dative) aligned present-future series of tenses through a process of anti-passivization, while maintaining the original ergative alignment in the aorist tense series with agentive verbs only.

Harris, Alice C. (1982): From ergative to active in Georgian, in: Aronson, Howard I. & Darden, Bill J. (eds.), Papers from the Second Conference on the Non-Slavic Languages of the USSR - Folia Slavica 5, 191-205.

Harris, Alice C. (1985): Diachronic syntax: The Kartvelian case. Orlando: Academic Press.

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Harris, Alice C. (2008): On the explanation of typologically unusual structures, in: Good, Jeff (ed.), Linguistic universals and language change. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 54-76.


Steve Hewitt

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Dear all,
Does anybody know about languages which have changed from ergative alignment to accusative alignment? or does anybody know about the mechanisms involved in such a change? what are the studies concerning this issue? and if there are any, are they accessible online?
Thank you very much in advance
kind regards,
Raheleh Izadifar
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