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Peter Arkadiev <peterarkadiev at YANDEX.RU> den 8. juni 2014 kl. 22:46 +0200 skrev:
>Dear typologists,
>let me draw your attention, especially of those who are interested in the much-debated question of assessing the complexity of creole and non-creole languages, to an already not so recent but yet unpublished presentation by Olivier Bonami and Fabiola Henri on measuring the inflectional complexity of French and Mauritian:
>In my view, this work deserves attention of those who take morphology and compitational methods seriously.
>Best regards,
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Dear Peter and typologists,

If Mauritian is indeed more complex in one aspect in one calculation method from one perspective and within
one realm of grammar (morphology) and that is worth celebrating and propagating, 
it may be the case that overall Mauritian creole is less complex morphologically than French.
Even if so, would it mean that languages with less morphology are somehow less interesting, less intriguing or
a lesser kind of language? I don't think so. 

This article sheds light on the complexity issue where creoles are contrasted with non-creoles:

Parkvall, Mikael. 2008. The simplicity of creoles in a cross-linguistic perspective. In Matti Miestamo,
Kaius Sinnemaki, & Fred Karlsson (eds.), Language Complexity. Typology, Contact,
Change, 265–285. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing Company.

This article argues that creoles cluster separately in a sample of languages of the world, not because
some languages ar less complex, but on the basis of a broad typological profile: 

Bakker, Peter, Aymeric Daval-Markussen, Mikael Parkvall and Ingo Plag. 2013. Creoles are typologically distinct from non-creoles. In: Bhatt, Parth and Tonjes Veenstra (eds.), Creole Languages and Linguistic Typology, (pp. 9–45) (reprinted from Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages, 2011).


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