PhD position in Paris: new deadline

Olivier Bonami olivier.bonami at PARIS-SORBONNE.FR
Fri May 30 11:37:52 UTC 2014

The research project "Empirical foundations of linguistics" (EFL) is proposing
a fully-funded 3 year PhD scholarship on:

The quantitative typology of inflectional classification.

EFL ( is a joint 10 year effort by 13 research teams from 5 universities in the Paris area. The successful applicant will be hired by Université Paris Diderot to work in Strand 2: "Experimental grammar". This is a full-time, 3-year position, starting in October 2014.

Applicants will have to document qualifications in linguistics, computer science, or both, at the Master's level.

Applications will be assessed by a committee. The main emphasis of the assessment will be on the applicant's potential for research, as evident from: Master's thesis or equivalent, other scholarly works and project description. Please send your application to the two email addresses listed below, joining:
- CV
- The names and email addresses of two referents
- Relevant scholarly works or publications

The PhD thesis can be written in French or English. It will involve research within a subproject on the quantitative assessment of inflectional complexity, organized by a group of theoretical morphologists, computational linguists, and field linguists. The student’s tasks will include evaluating the linguistic relevance of different (semi-)automatic approaches to inflectional classification, by applying them to typologically diverse datasets. Advanced programming skills are not required, but basic familiarity with a scripting language is expected. Some knowledge of the goals and methods of theoretical morphology and typology are required. Experience working on a language external to the Romance and Germanic subfamilies is a plus.

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New application Deadline: June 15, 2014

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