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Thanks for this Hedvig.

Speaking of operas, I am part of a team working on the libretto for an opera that will premier in New York, Santa Fe, Moscow, and Beijing in 2015/2016, based on a book by Umberto Eco, The Three Astronauts:

Its librettists include, besides me, best-selling Russian author Dmitri Glukhovsky, Chinese jazz musician and author Sola Liu, and Pulitzer-Prize winning poet, Yusek Komunyakaa.  There is an international team of composers working on this, as the site indicates.

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Thanks, that's a nice piece of linguistic trivia.

Have you also heard of the opera by Charles F. Hockett, "The Loves of Dona Rosita", and its rather special twist?

/Hedvig Skirgård

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2014-10-02 22:22 GMT+02:00 Everett, Daniel <DEVERETT at<mailto:DEVERETT at>>:
The link below is to a 1964 song performed by Jerry Lee Lewis and his band. It is on a couple of Lewis’s albums. Its linguistic relevance? It was composed by a young Geoffrey Pullum.

Dan Everett

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