aspect and mood in the future

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​Dear Sergey,

Yes there are, two of the relevant references are even up free online:

Dahl, Östen. 1985. Tense and aspect systems. Oxford: Blackwell.
ere's a link to a free PDF of Dahl (1985

Östen Dahl, Viveka Velupillai. 2013. The Future Tense.
​ ​
In: Dryer, Matthew S. & Haspelmath, Martin (eds.)
​ ​
The World Atlas of Language Structures Online.
​ ​
Leipzig: Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.

​I'm sure others will suggest lots of other literature here on this list,
but I thought I'd tell you about these two right away since they're so
easily available.

Here are two more very relevant references:

Dahl, Ö. 2006. Future Tense and Future Time Reference. vol. 4. Encyclopedia
of Language & Linguistics, ed. by Keith Brown. 704-706. Oxford: Elsevier.
​ (might be freely available through your university library too)​

Dahl, Östen. 2000. The grammar of future time reference in European
languages. In Tense and aspect in the languages of Europe, ed. by Östen
Dahl, 309-328. Berlin: de Gruyter


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interesting then send it my way. I do the same.

Please forgive me for any mistakes of orthography (especially Swedish and
French diacritics), I try to answer as fast as possible and sometimes that
results in less than optimal key board output.

2014-09-14 1:22 GMT+02:00 Sergey Lyosov <sergelyosov at>:

> Dear all,
> could you please help me with literature references?
> Working on a description of the Akkadian morphosyntax, I have had an
> opportunity to observe:
> “cross-linguistically, in the future-time domain verb forms more often
> than not do not have morphological means to oppose aspectual and modal
> senses, due to the non-real ontological status of the future.”
> It seems to me a commonplace, but is it? Are there typological reference
> works corroborating this claim?
> Thank you very much,
> Sergey
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