Call for abstracts, Typology confernece in China

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Call for
The 2nd
International Conference 
on Linguistic
Typology (China) 
October 16-20,
University, China
Following its successful debut at the
Changshu Institute of Technology, China, Nov. 30-Dec. 2, 2013, the Second
International Conference on Linguistic Typology (ICLT2) will be held at
Nanchang University, China, Oct. 16-20, 2015.  This event is co-sponsored by the Institute of Linguistics, affiliated
with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), the Editorial Board of Zhongguo Yuwen (The Journal of the Chinese Language), Nanchang University Institute
of Linguistic Typology, and the Shanghai International Studies University’s
Institute of Linguistics.   
       This conference focuses on typological studies of languages in China and
the neighboring  areas.  Typological studies of other languages and related
topics are also welcome.  Interested
colleagues are invited to submit abstracts in Chinese or English, the working
languages of the conference.  After
anonymous peer reviews, authors of accepted submissions will be notified by the
Institute of Linguistics, CASS.  Upon
confirmation by an attendee, Nanchang University will send out an official
letter of invitation. 
Abstract submission instructions:
1)     Deadline for
submission: March 15, 2015.
2)     Email address for submission: typologync at
3)     Format requirements: Use Song typeface for
Chinese; use Times New Roman for English.  For the title, use font 4 for Chinese and 14 points
for English.   For the body text, use
font 5 for Chinese and 10.5 points for English.  The paper size is A4 for Chinese or letter size for English.  Use 2.5 cm, or one inch, for all
4)     Copy
requirements: submit two copies.  One
copy should be anonymous, one page long.  The other should include information such as the author’s name, academic
affiliation and email address; use an additional page if needed.  To encourage student participation,  student authors may mark their student status
(in bachelor’s, master’s or Ph.D. programs)
5)     Acceptance notification mail date: June 15, 2015.
6)     Conference webpage:
7)     Who to contact for further information: Mr.
Xiaochuan Liu  or Mr.Zhanbing Li of ICLT-2
Organizing Team.
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