[Lingtyp] query: 'give' and 'do'/'make'

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Mon Feb 16 11:01:22 UTC 2015

In Old Persian (500 BCE), there is the verbal root da- "give; make, create", actually a 
(phonetic) amalgamation of the two Indo-European roots *do- "give" and *dhe- "put". (there is 
a semantical parallel in Latin da-re "give" and fa-cere "do", but Ancient Greek di-do-mi "give" 
and ti-the-mi "put" have preserved the IE. meanings)
Both meanings continued to be dinstinguishable in Middle Persian (300-600 CE) dadan "give; 
create" (although I think there was a clear preponderance of "give"), but in New Persian 
(1000-), dadan means only "give".

Ludwig Paul

Am 16 Feb 2015 um 15:14 hat David Gil geschrieben:

> Dear all,
> Does anybody know of languages in which 'give' and 'do'/'make' are expressed with the same or 
> related words? Or of cases in which forms expressing one of these two meanings are historically 
> derived from forms expressing the other meaning?
> Thanks,
> David
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