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At the risk of stretching your notions of "recent" and "reference works", here are some further references:

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On 09 Jan 2015, at 01:30, Sergey Lyosov <sergelyosov at INBOX.RU> wrote:

> Dear colleagues,
> Bert Kouwenberg in his huge book on the Akkadian verb (2010) notes that “Verbal plurality or event plurality refers to a quantification of the event or the process expressed by the verb, i.e., whether it refers to a single, a repeated, a protracted, or a more intensive occurrence.”
> In Akkadian, “verbal plurality” is rendered by two derived stems of the verb, one of which does not seem to have any meaning other than plurality.
> Do you know of any recent reference works on verbal plurality, or of interesting case-studies outside Semitic (and Afrasian in general)?
> Thank you very much,
>   Sergey 
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