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Everett, Daniel DEVERETT at bentley.edu
Fri Jan 9 15:35:31 UTC 2015

The annual conference, How the Light Gets In, at Hay-on-Wye, Wales, runs numerous debates and lectures on a variety of intellectually “hot” topics.

You might find this debate between Oliver Curry (Evolutionary Psychologist), myself, and Janet Radcliffe-Brown, philosopher on Evolutionary Psychology interesting.

There are a couple of more coming out soon.


Also, for those who might be interested, here is my solo lecture at the conference summarizing some points of my work on the connection between the individual and culture.


There are many, many other talks and debates on this site from other scientists you might find interesting.

The next debate to be posted will be between me, philosopher Nancy Cartwright, and Templeton-prize winning physicist George Ellis on whether there is “ultimate proof” or truth.

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