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Dear All,

On behalf of Harald Hammarström, Devdatt Dubhashi, Russell Gray, Gerhard Jäger, Marian Klamer and Andrew Meade, I cordially invite you to apply for the Lorentz Center workshop

Capturing Phylogenetic Algorithms for Linguistics
October 26 – 30 2015

Scientific Topic The past decade has seen an explosion in the availability of large datasets of both structural and lexical linguistic data. These data can be profitably exploited computationally to explore linguistic history and linguistic universals. Work in Bioinformatics has addressed parallel sets of questions for data on living species and a large array of computational modeling and techniques have been developed towards this goal.

Workshop Format Lorentz Center organizes scientific meetings for small groups of up to 55 participants, including both senior and junior scientists. Lorentz Center meetings dedicate a considerable amount of time to discussion sessions, thus stimulating an interactive atmosphere and encouraging collaborations between participants. This format typically generates extensive debates and enables significant progress to be made within the research topic of the meeting.

Lorentz Center Facilities The meeting is held at the Lorentz Center, located at the Faculty of Science campus of Leiden University, the Netherlands. The Lorentz Center provides each participant with office space and wireless internet access (LINUX and Windows). Lorentz Center also provides various practical services for the participants, such as arranging accommodations at the nearby hotel “Van der Valk Hotel Leiden” at a special rate (€ 82 including breakfast and taxes), visa assistance and bike rental. For further information, please refer to our website: http://www.lorentzcenter.nl.

Costs and Refunds Lorentz Center does not charge registration fees. In addition, Lorentz Center hosts a welcome reception and a workshop dinner, both free of charge.

We are still in the process of acquiring additional funding. If you need a contribution to your expenses, please contact the scientific organizers. We encourage you to participate for the whole workshop week.

Application We hope that you are interested in participating in the workshop. If so, we kindly ask that you submit an abstract by 1 September 2015 via the workshop webpage. We invite submission of abstracts for 30-minute presentations. The desired length for abstracts is 2 pages of text (plus any amount of pages of references or data tables). Abstracts should be submitted as per instructions on the conference webpage:


15 September you will receive a notification of acceptance for the workshop.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. As the coordinator of all practical matters involved in this Lorentz Center workshop, I would be more than happy to answer your questions.

Kind regards,

(ms) Aimée Reinards, MA
Workshop Coordination Lorentz Center
+31 (0)71 5275400
Reinards at lorentzcenter.nl<mailto:Reinards at lorentzcenter.nl>

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