[Lingtyp] BOOK: Argument Realization in Baltic

Peter Arkadiev peterarkadiev at yandex.ru
Wed Feb 3 15:03:07 UTC 2016

Dear colleagues,

I attach a flyer publicizing the following book:

Axel Holvoet & Nicole Nau (eds.), Argument Realization in Baltic. (Valency and Grammatical Relations in Baltic 3) Amsterdam, Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 2016.

Perhaps you will find an opportunity of drawing your institutional library's attention to this publication.
In addition to that, the journal "Baltic Linguistics" is looking among typologists for a reviewer of this volume. The policy of our journal is to have books on Baltic languages to be reviewed by "outsiders" with broad cross-linguistic background, who are able to situate the Baltic data in the space of current linguistic typology and linguistic theory. Those interested, please, contact me; if you think that I don't know you, please, enclose a very short description of your work profile. 
Thanks in advance! 



Peter Arkadiev, PhD
Institute of Slavic Studies
Russian Academy of Sciences 
Leninsky prospekt 32-A 119991 Moscow
peterarkadiev at yandex.ru
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