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Hi David,
Individual phenomena would be things like the awareness of the possibility of hierarchical systems and inverse marking and “4th person” marking, but more important than individual phenomena is the whole influence of work on American languages and cultures to the development of anthropology and subsequently linguistics in the US, and their influence elsewhere. In particular was the influence on the Romanticist school, from Humboldt through Boas to Sapir to Whorf and Sapir’s students and the influence they had on many of us working now, with Boas founding the field of modern anthropology based on work on American cultures, from which anthropological linguistics/linguistic anthropology developed. Bloomfieldian Structuralism was also influenced by work on American languages (see Hockett’s 1948 article in Language 24: 117-31, "Implications of Bloomfield's Algonquian studies” (also in Readings in Linguistics).

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Hi, everyone

At the International Journal of American Linguistics, we’re planning a 100th anniversary issue and part of it will have a survey of developments in linguistics and typology influenced by studies of American (in the Arctic-to-Tierra-del-Fueego sense) languages. So, I thought I would do a bit of a straw poll and ask the typological community what areas they thought had been most influenced by data from American languages (rather than relying on my own narrow point of view). Thoughts?


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