[Lingtyp] Americanist contributions to typology

Doris Payne dlpayne at uoregon.edu
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Studies of American languages have crucially contributed to post-Greenbergian word order typological understanding, including Derbyshire's ground-breaking work on the existence of object initial languages, various authors' work on "discontinuous constituents" of various sorts, information structure motivations for order variation, and so-called "inconsistent" order languages.

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Hi, everyone

At the International Journal of American Linguistics, we’re planning a 100th anniversary issue and part of it will have a survey of developments in linguistics and typology influenced by studies of American (in the Arctic-to-Tierra-del-Fueego sense) languages. So, I thought I would do a bit of a straw poll and ask the typological community what areas they thought had been most influenced by data from American languages (rather than relying on my own narrow point of view). Thoughts?


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