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Fri Mar 11 19:07:35 UTC 2016

Here is the announcement about the book I mentioned in my message to the list a few weeks ago.
With best wishes and apologies for multiple postings,
Zygmunt and Erin

Zygmunt Frajzyngier
Department of Linguistics,
University of Colorado
Boulder, CO 80309
Phone: 303-492-6959




Semantics / Syntax / Theoretical linguistics / Typology

The Role of Functions in Syntax

A unified approach to language theory, description, and typology

Zygmunt Frajzyngier with Erin Shay

University of Colorado, Boulder

The main aim of this book is to address a fundamental question in linguistics, namely why

languages are similar and why they are different. The study proposes that languages are

fundamentally similar when they encode the same meanings in their grammatical systems

and that languages are different when they encode different meanings. Even if languages

encode the same meaning, they may differ with respect to the formal means used to code

those meanings. This approach allows for a typology based on functional domains, subdomains

and functions coded in individual languages. The outcome of the study is a unified

approach to language theory, linguistic typology, and descriptive linguistics. The argumentation

for the hypotheses and the proposed approach is supported by analyses of data from

more than a dozen languages, including English, Polish, French, Wandala, Mina, Hdi, and

several other Chadic languages. The study is accessible to a wide variety of linguists.

[Typological Studies in Language, 111] 2016. xvi, 308 pp.

Hb 978 90 272 0692 3 EUR 99.00 /

e-book 978 90 272 6728 3 EUR 99.00 /

Table of contents


List of abbreviations

Chapter 1. The importance of meaning for syntax

Chapter 2. Theoretical foundations of the proposed approach

Chapter 3. Why the meaning encoded in the grammatical system matters

Chapter 4. Lexical and morphological coding means and their implications

Chapter 5. Linear orders as coding means

Chapter 6. A methodology for the discovery of meanings encoded in the grammatical system

Chapter 7. The distinction between the meaning encoded in the

grammatical system and inferences from utterances

Chapter 8. Indirectly affected argument, benefactive, and malefactive

Chapter 9. The clause and the meanings encoded in the grammatical system

Chapter 10. Clausal predications in English

Chapter 11. Clausal predications in Polish

Chapter 12. Clausal predications in Wandala

Chapter 13. Towards a non-aprioristic typology of functional categories

Chapter 14. Conclusions, implications, and open questions


Subject index

Language index

Name index

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