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The first Summer School in Languages and Linguistics of the Mediterranean will be held in Cagliari (Italy) from 13 to 24 June 2016. 

Paraphrasing what has been said for other disciplines, there are
plenty  of important studies on languages
in the Mediterranean, but there are very few, or indeed none, which are
actually about Mediterranean languages. The LLM School aims to fill the need to
use an empirical approach to examine the product of thousands of years of
language contact in this unique geo-anthropic context and to analyse these
results from a 'holistic' but anti-essentialist perspective which does not
adhere to any preconstituted theory.


Within this framework, the Language Description courses (from a structural
and/or typological point of view) are of great importance. Particular attention
will be paid to non-standard dialects and varieties in general for two main
reasons: firstly because they are generally less well known, but also due to
the fact that they represent a fuller and more nuanced phenomenology of
language contact, which has not been affected (or is less affected) by the
language policies of the established state-communities.


The linguistics courses offer a comprehensive overview of studies on the
languages of the Mediterranean. Various theoretical approaches will be proposed
to deal with the problems of language contact, especially in the historical and
diachronic dimension. Indeed, partly because the spread of writing in the
Mediterranean region dates back to extremely ancient times, the region offers
an extremely rich and extensive linguistic tradition, which is both
long-lasting and genetically differentiated. Therefore, the Mediterranean is a
privileged observatory for historical-diachronic studies of relatively long
periods. On this occasion, the focus will be placed on the Latin Romance
linguistic tradition.

Deadline for early-bird registration: April 30th

Website: http://llm.unica.it

Email: llm at unica.it

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/llmsummerschool/ 		 	   		  
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