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*Doctoral Fellowships at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem*

The "Historical Linguistics and Formal Semantics" research group, which
will operate during the academic years 2017/18-2019/20 at the Mandel
Scholion Interdisciplinary Research Center in the Humanities and Jewish
Studies of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is offering four three-year
scholarships for doctoral students.

The aim of the research group is to better our understanding of natural
language by combining two areas of linguistic research whose integration is
still nascent: historical linguistics and formal semantics. The group will
jointly explore, in a systematic manner, how studies in historical
linguistics and in semantics can contribute to one another. It will strive
to draw conclusions about the properties of a variety of semantic
categories, their universality, and the mechanisms underlying recurring
shifts in meanings over time, or paths of semantic change, within these

The group will be led by Elitzur Bar-Asher Siegal, Nora Boneh, Eitan
Grossman, and Aynat Rubinstein. For a summary of its aims, please see the
project proposal here

We welcome candidates with excellent research qualifications and an
interest in language change and formal linguistics. Prior training in one
of these areas is a prerequisite.

Recipients of the scholarships, who must register by October 2017 as
doctoral students at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, will receive
excellent working conditions for the three years of the scholarship at the
Mandel Scholion Center on the University’s Mount Scopus campus, including
office space close to the project leaders and a yearly grant of 75,000 NIS.
Recipients will be expected to devote these three years to writing their
doctoral dissertations. Moreover, it is expected that they will be present
at the Mandel Scholion Center four days a week and participate in the
group’s activities and those of the Center, which is an interdisciplinary
research center devoted to the promotion of excellent research in a wide
variety of disciplines. Recipients of the scholarship are not permitted to
engage in additional work during this period, other than possibly serving
as teaching and research assistants at the Hebrew University.

Applicants should send the following documents to scholion at savion.huji.ac.il

1.     CV

2.     Research statement (2 pages)

3.     Transcripts of BA and MA

They should also ask two scholars familiar with them and their work to
submit recommendations directly to the above address.

*Deadline for application*: 2 March 2017

Interviews for finalists (in person or on Skype) will take place on 16
March 2017.

Contact information:

Eitan Grossman (eitan.grossman at mail.huji.ac.il)

Aynat Rubinstein (aynat.rubinstein at mail.huji.ac.il)
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