[Lingtyp] query: serial verb constructions

David Gil gil at shh.mpg.de
Mon Jul 3 05:26:55 UTC 2017

Dear typologists,

Is anybody familiar with a language that has serial verb constructions 
of the form


with no additional argument flagging, and where the resulting meaning is 
one of those indicated in (a) and (b) below?

(a) 'A gave P to G'
(b) 'A took P from G'

The reason I'm asking:I am reconstructing sentences such as in (1) for 
some languages of western New Guinea, as a first stage in a possible 
chain of grammaticalization, so I am wondering whether similar 
constructions are actually attested in any of the world's languages.   
(Seems to me that this is something that might conceivably be found in 
Mainland Southeast Asia, West Africa, or Atlantic Creoles.)



David Gil

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