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When you register to join ALT, there are two alternatives for starting your

*  current volume year, print only
*  current volume year, online only

The question is if people who have selected the second alternative have
been sent paper copies anyway.



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On 4 July 2017 at 17:40, Edith A Moravcsik <edith at uwm.edu> wrote:

> I personally prefer paper copies; but if we decide against them, this is
> fine with me.
> Edith Moravcsik
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> Dear all,
> today, I found my paper copy of LT in the mail. Very nice. But actually,
> I do not read paper journals any more. I do not want to throw it away,
> so I collect the paper issues in a shelf in a spare room. This feels weird.
> I was wondering whether other people on this list have similar feelings.
> If I am not mistaken, membership in ALT is tied to the subscription of
> LT. I am happy to be a member of ALT and want to support it, but I was
> wondering whether this could be organised in a different way, which does
> not involve sending ink on paper around the globe. I would rather have
> an electronic copy online and more scholarships, summerschools etc instead.
> Best wishes
> Sebastian
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