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Wu Jianming wu.jianming2011 at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 4 17:36:07 UTC 2017

Dear colleagues,
      I think good ideas generally outnumber good journals, and very often outpace them.  Will journals with limited volumes collect all of the good ideas and pubish them one by one in the long run? This is not very likely.   Some  ideas are destined to be unknown untill it is too late.
      I am wondering whether there is another way to spread good  ideas  freely and efficiently, which, nontheless, is equally recognized by the authority, just like journals.
   And will journals continue to exist in the next hundred years?
   Just  some serious thinkings ,no offence to any one or institution.


Jianming Wu
from Shanghai

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I personally prefer paper copies; but if we decide against them, this is fine with me.

Edith Moravcsik
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Dear all,
today, I found my paper copy of LT in the mail. Very nice. But actually,
I do not read paper journals any more. I do not want to throw it away,
so I collect the paper issues in a shelf in a spare room. This feels weird.
I was wondering whether other people on this list have similar feelings.
If I am not mistaken, membership in ALT is tied to the subscription of
LT. I am happy to be a member of ALT and want to support it, but I was
wondering whether this could be organised in a different way, which does
not involve sending ink on paper around the globe. I would rather have
an electronic copy online and more scholarships, summerschools etc instead.
Best wishes
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