[Lingtyp] every LT article costs 5378+ EUR

Sebastian Nordhoff sebastian.nordhoff at glottotopia.de
Wed Jul 5 07:17:31 UTC 2017

Dear all,
I was interested in how much money goes into each article in LT.

There are currently 870 members in the directory.
They all are subscribers to LT for 68 EUR.
The total amount invoiced by the publisher is thus 59,160 EUR.

In the year 2015, there were 11 articles in 3 issues of LT. This gives
you a cost per article of 5378 EUR.

(There are reduced rates for students, which will reduce the amount, but
then there are institutional subscriptions, which will increase the amount)

So let's say the cost of an LT article is 5000 EUR give and take. This
is still a closed access article, meaning that the publisher controls
who is allowed to read the article.

Over at Glossa, they get their articles published for 400 EUR, and that
is true open access for everyone to read. Glossa is a linguistics
journal (heir of Lingua), and their requirements should be similar to ours.

Same as renting a flat for 5000 and noticing that your neighbour only
pays 400 for a flat of the same size.

So, if I am not mistaken, we could reduce our publication costs by 93%,
and get full open access as a bonus.

Based on the figures above, this would free up 54,760 EUR to be used for
other goals, like awards, scholarships or conferences.

I am sure I must have missed something, since 93% savings seem
completely unreal. But even if it were 50%, I would be happy to
reallocate 25k towards scholarships etc.

Best wishes

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