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Professor Ramat,
Mi scusi, colpa mia, I did not intend to rule out printed matter (I prefer them as well), just the sort of arrangement we are in now.

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Randy has written:
<<At one point in the discussion I took out a journal issue to refer to an article, and the students commented, “Oh, so that is what a journal is!”. As everything is done electronically in our university, and there is no display of paper copies of journals in the library, in the four years of their education at the university the students had never seen a paper journal, only pdfs of individual articles.>>
Commenting the students’ comment: ‘Poor students!’ Throwing away a century long tradition is never a good thing.
Quoting again Randy: << it is us more established folks who can help move things in a better direction: as we are not in the promotion and tenure rat race and don’t need to worry about publishing metrics and whatnot, we can lead the way to making alternative forms of dissemination viable and respected >>, printed books and journals included...

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