[Lingtyp] Lucy Seki (1939-2017)

Eduardo Ribeiro kariri at gmail.com
Thu Jul 6 05:01:20 UTC 2017

Brazilian linguist Lucy Seki, author of an acclaimed grammar of
Kamaiurá (Tupi-Guarani), passed away last month.  She was a major
force in Brazilian linguistics.  In addition to her own work
documenting and analyzing Kamaiurá and Krenák (Macro-Jê), she advised
dozens of fieldwork-based, typologically-oriented theses and
dissertations on indigenous South American languages. Teaching for the
past four decades at the State University of Campinas, she played an
essential role in forming generations of linguists, most of which are
carrying on her legacy of documenting the languages of the continent.
She was also the founder of LIAMES, the main Brazilian journal
entirely dedicated to the indigenous languages of South America.

The Curt Nimuendajú Digital Library has a page celebrating Lucy Seki's
legacy, gathering biographical information, articles, interviews,
theses, dissertations, etc.:


Eduardo Rivail Ribeiro
Biblioteca Digital Curt Nimuendajú

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