[Lingtyp] preprint archive of Australian languages

Claire Bowern clairebowern at gmail.com
Thu Jul 6 10:19:29 UTC 2017

Dear list members (apologies for cross-posting),
I am writing to bring your attention to a Zenodo community I've
recently created. This is a preprint archive (ie, a place to put
papers online that might otherwise be hard to fine or hard to access).
There are options for different access levels. It's a nice way to
upload supporting data for a paper, for example, or to make paywalled
material available (assuming it's allowable according to the copyright
provisions of the journal).
I have a blog post explaining the Zenodo community here:
I've made a couple of videos about how to upload files, and what the
options mean (and how to sign up for an account).
Best wishes,


Claire Bowern
Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
Chair: Yale Women Faculty Forum (wff.yale.edu)
Department of Linguistics
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