[Lingtyp] Kinship systems that distinguish age but not gender

Guillaume Segerer guillaume.segerer at cnrs.fr
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Hi all

What Hedwig is looking for is common in West Africa. I can think of 
Manjaku, Balanta and Bijogo, but RefLex (www.reflex.cnrs.fr) also gives 
interesting results for some Bantu languages, among others. Many 
languages (like Joola, Baynunk) have a contrast between "same sex 
sibling" vs "opposite sex sibling", regardless of age. I have no example 
in mind of languages having a 4-term contrast combinig the two above 

Guillaume Segerer

Le 19/07/2017 à 10:31, Hedvig Skirgård a écrit :
> Does anyone know of a language that has a distinction in the kinship 
> system for age of referent (younger/older) without also having a 
> distinction for gender of referent? For example, a language that marks 
> siblings as being younger or older to ego without reference to being 
> sister or brother.
> The hypothesis is that this doesn't happen/is very rare. We'd like to 
> know if you've come across any examples of this.
> I'm asking for my friend Alex (cc:ed) who is not on the list. Please 
> direct any responses or comments to her.
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