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Coming soon ...

Expect end of May (and earlier online:  https://www.degruyter.com/view/j/lity), with only a wee delay, owing to unforeseen circumstances:

LT 21(1) 2017



Marloes Oomen and Roland Pfau
Signing NOT (or not): A typological perspective on standard negation in Sign Language of The Netherlands 
Borja Herce
Past–future asymmetries in time adverbials and adpositions: A crosslinguistic and diachronic perspective   
Felicity Meakins and Rachel Nordlinger
Possessor dissension: Agreement mismatch in Ngumpin-Yapa possessive constructions      
Timothy C. Brickell and Stefan Schnell
Do grammatical relations reflect information status?  Reassessing Preferred Argument Structure theory against discourse data from Tondano                                                        
Pavel Ozerov and Henriette Daudey
Copy-verb constructions in Tibeto-Burman and beyond                                                    


PS:  In the recent lingtyp exchange about LT, somebody asked about the future orientation of the journal.  Well, the past and present orientation of LT, as the journal of the Association for Linguistic Typology, obviously was/is to be a forum and voice for linguistic typology, and all of it.  Naturally, LT's mission therefore was/is seen as pretty broad (check our mission statement at https://www.degruyter.com/view/j/lity);  but its defining differentia specifica among linguistic periodicals was/is the unnegotiable focus on the dialectic of diversity and unity. 

Let's see where we will be heading in future, as a field, as an association, and as a journal.  (If you ask me about priorities, the message still hasn't been hammered home with sufficient force that typological awareness is essential, whatever one's particular line in linguistics and beyond.)  For the time being, If you want to see any new developments of the diversity/unity research programme strengthened -- novel specialisations within typology and pioneering outside cooperations that might hold promise -- do submit relevant work, and be assured the Editorial Board will be as open-minded and encouraging as it is constructively-critical.

Which reminds me, our forthcoming issue is another one rather weak on phonology (unless the manual/non-manual distinction in sign language is seen as one of phonology).  Although phonology is not a wholly new development in linguistics, there is a feeling here that phonological typology/typological phonology seriously needs stepping up in LT in future!  


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