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ntonio Tarallo frisella at iol.it
Thu May 11 20:24:25 UTC 2017


I've  picked a couple  of things  that seem  to be really nice,  please check this out  http://pouring.completethechain.com

Warmly, ntonio Tarallo

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Thats a  good way to  get your  own peripherary  allies bombed as an  example right back. You  start using  nukes, you'd better  deal  with real targets  because there won't be a  lot  of  time  or trust left once those missiles  start launching. Even if Australia  was  bombed as an  "or  else", it would  ensure  that the global attitude towards a retaliatory strike  is with the victim (or their surviving allies), and  you'd have no way to stop a more  aggressive  opponent. You can only talk your way out of a  problem if you haven't got blood  all over your hands.

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