[Lingtyp] Empirical standards on typology

Paolo Ramat paoram at unipv.it
Mon Nov 20 18:42:42 UTC 2017

Volker has written (19.11.’17) :”the degree of explicitness with which the operationalizations are explained, and their plausiblity with respect to the definition of the tertium comparationis (which is subjective), should be evaluated in the review. This could be implemented by sending LT-reviewers a list of questions including something like: "Is the tertium comparationis clearly defined?", "Are the operationalizations made explicit?", "To what extent do you consider the operationalizations valid, with respect to the definition of the tertium comparationis/comparative concept?"

I’m  afraid that attempts to standardize the format of the reviews will limit the freedom of the reviewer and considerably reduce the number of colleagues willing to write reviews. One has to feel free to discuss the books/articles/dissertations from whatever viewpoint  (s)he prefers.


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