[Lingtyp] ALT: code of conduct

Sebastian Nordhoff sebastian.nordhoff at glottotopia.de
Tue Nov 21 22:52:04 UTC 2017

On 11/21/2017 11:35 PM, Giorgio Francesco Arcodia wrote:
> "so long as you do impossible thing Y"
> Impossible thing Y is  "a due process, as we're used to in free societies,
> rather than an arbitrary decision by some unspecified authority?" I hope
> this is not the case.

I believe the impossible thing was the "clear definition of harassment",
and I kind of agree with Emily here. But I still think that the ALT
community is open enough and aware enough to build a good Code of
Conduct even with some members asking for such a clear definition, which
might be impossible to provide.
Best wishes

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