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Wed Nov 22 06:58:42 UTC 2017

Dear all, 

I don’t think that acknowledgement of the imperfectness of some points in CoC is a denial of harassment. I think, the authors have shaped well the problem of this CoC, and as Peter wrote in one of the first e-mails, to avoid long discussions of what went wrong, we should’ve first voted whether ALT needs this sort of CoC and if yes, what wording it will have after all. I guess, everyone should acknowledge that CoC is not an ultimate solution for the lack of harassment of any kind, nor its (CoC’s) lack leads to the increase of the harassment cases. 

As it was well pointed out, some cultures might not be even aware of the term harassment or have different understanding about the issue than the majority of colleagues from west. The same goes to the difference in understanding one’s behaviour. For instance, pointed out in one of the e-mails question "in which hotel a person stays" was a bit odd personally for me, because it sounds like a possible conversation between two people who happen to travel from abroad to a possibly new place they have never been visiting before, and out of curiosity one happens to ask another where (s)he stays. But it does not necessary mean that person to whom the question was addressed should necessarily specify all the details about the place (s)he stays at (including room or an exact address of the hotel/hostel/apartment, etc.), or see in such a question a possible harassment move. That is why it is important to either define precisely what is expected to be as an (in)appropriate behaviour in such cases, or rather restrict ourselves to the general norms where respect towards colleagues is taken for granted by whoever becomes a member of ALT, which, I guess, is already the case with the most of the ALT members. 

To sum up, I guess, the same dangerous is denying harassment as calling any sort of behaviour a harassment. As a possible suggestion from a new member of ALT and a young male scholar how the issue of harassment can be addressed inside ALT, I would suggest rather having a sort of hotline during the conference where a colleague who is in the risk zone to be mistreated could have a chance to turn to with the issue. And I guess, it is wrong to expel people from the conference without having some sort of procedure where a person who is suspected in a harassment could also have a chance to explain his or her point of view on the issue.

Wish y’all good and productive day! 

Best wishes from foggy Tartu, 
Denys Teptiuk
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