[Lingtyp] Ideophonic intonation

Laura McPherson laura.emcpherson at gmail.com
Sun Oct 22 18:14:21 UTC 2017

Dear typology colleagues,

I am thinking about writing about ideophones in Seenku (Samogo,
Northwestern Mande), and in particular about an ideophonic intonation
pattern that I have seen with many different ideophones that I am calling
"bouncing ball intonation". Briefly, it is characterized by repetition of
the ideophonic stem/morpheme, slowly at first, then with increasing speed,
like a bouncing ball coming to a stop.

Ideophones are of course often characterized by repetition (reduplication,
retriplication) and by unusual prosody, but I am interested in published
sources or other cases you know of where there is a larger fixed prosodic
or intonational template that different ideophones can be slotted into and
whether any meaning is associated with it.

Many thanks,

Laura McPherson
Assistant Professor of Linguistics
Dartmouth College
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