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Dear colleagues,

I post this query on behalf of a student, Polina Nasledskova, who is
undertaking an areal typological research on ordinal numerals. So far she
was only able to locate few publications on the topic (below). If you are
aware of any typologically relevant discussion of ordinal numerals
(especially their formation), or any interesting case studies on ordinal
formation in a language / language group / family, could you please share
this with her, either by writing her directly (she is in the copy) or by
sending it to me (to my email, not to the list).


Michael Daniel

The biblio so far:
Hurford, James R. 1975. The Linguistic Theory of Numerals.
Hurford, James R. 1987. Language and Number: The Emergence of a Cognitive
Stolz, Thomas. 2001. ORDINALIA – Linguistisches Neuland – Linguistisches
Neuland. Ein Typologenblick auf die Beziehung zwischen Kardinalia und
Ordinalia und die Sonderstellung von EINS und ERSTER.
Stump, Gregory. 2010. The derivation of compound ordinal numerals:
Implications for morphological theory.
Thomas Stolz, Ljuba N. Veselinova. 2013. Ordinal Numerals.
In: Dryer, Matthew S. & Haspelmath, Martin (eds.)
The World Atlas of Language Structures Online.
Leipzig: Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.
(Available online at http://wals.info/chapter/53, Accessed on 2017-10-25.)
Veselinova, Ljuba. 1997. Suppletion in the Derivation of Ordinal Numerals:
a Case Study.
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