[Lingtyp] Post-doctoral positions at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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(Apologies in advance for multiple postings.)

Dear typologists,

I would like to bring to your attention some post-doctoral positions in the
humanities and the social sciences at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
While they aren't earmarked for linguists, linguists are certainly eligible
(and have been successful in recent years).


The Martin Buber Society of Fellows aims at fostering inter-disciplinary
academic discourse at the highest level among outstanding young scholars
(post-doctoral). Scholars who have completed their PhD at an Israeli or
German university, as well as citizens of Israel or Germany who have
received their PhD in any country, are eligible to apply. Applicants must
have their PhD degree approved no earlier than October 1st, 2013, and no
later than July 1st, 2018. Application is open for those specializing in *all
fields of the Humanities and the Social Sciences* (with the exception of
Law and Applied Economics). We are looking for creative humanists and
social scientists with broad intellectual horizons. *No special connection
of the subject matter to Jewish studies or Israel is required*.

Each year the Academic Committee of the Martin Buber Society selects up to
ten exceptionally gifted young scholars (up to five from Israel and five
from Germany). The Fellows are asked to move to Jerusalem and stay in
residence. They receive a monthly stipend of approximately 9000 NIS and an
additional housing subsidy that can be used either for apartments in the
university’s Student Village (on campus) or help with costs in apartments
elsewhere in town. Non-Israeli fellows who move to Jerusalem with their
family are eligible for additional support.

Fellows are obliged to participate in biweekly colloquia, workshops,
lectures, study excursions, and other cultural and academic activities of
the MBSF. They have the opportunity to pursue their individual research
under optimal conditions for the term of their fellowship and are expected
to become part of the vibrant scholarly community in Jerusalem, reflecting
the widest possible disciplinary spectrum in the Humanities and Social
Sciences and embodying a spirit of shared intellectual adventure.
Discussions in the Martin Buber Society take place in English (not in
Hebrew or German).

Scholarships are granted for a maximum of four years (*subject to a review
at the end of each year*), beginning October 1, 2018, on the basis of a
detailed outline and description of a research project of major scope and
innovative character.

The deadline for applications for 2018-2019 is November 23th 2017.
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