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Dryer, Matthew dryer at buffalo.edu
Tue Sep 5 17:59:41 UTC 2017

I invite applications for support for doctoral research on a language of Papua New Guinea. The language is Poko-Rawo (called Rawo in most sources; iso code rwa), a language in the Sko family. The language is one that I have done some work on myself, enough to know that it is a tone language with interesting tonal phonology. The goal of the research would be a dissertation either documenting the language as a whole or focusing on the phonology. Applicants should have an interest in tone and some experience working with tone.

The support comes under a grant from the National Science Foundation in the United States. It will fund two or three field trips to Papua New Guinea, the first probably starting in 2018.  If further field work is deemed necessary, the student could apply for a small grant to fund that additional work. The grant comes with the possibility of two annual stipends of $6000. The precise financial terms would need to be negotiated. Preference will be given to students who are at a U.S. institution or who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents (due to the source of funding), though others are encouraged to apply.

In your application, please be sure to say what institution you are at, what year in your doctoral program you are in, a brief summary of your interests within linguistics, your experience working with tone, and the names of two people that I could contact who might recommend you. Please contact me by email and please include the phrase “field work in Papua New Guinea” in the subject heading.

Application deadline: 31 Dec 2017

I encourage interested people to contact me as soon as possible. However, note that I will be off of email doing my own field work in Papua New Guinea from late September until early December.

Matthew Dryer
dryer at buffalo.edu
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