[Lingtyp] ALT 14 (2021): Invitation for bids

Kristine Hildebrandt khildeb at siue.edu
Sun Jul 8 18:08:21 UTC 2018

Dear members of the ALT Community,

Please read and share widely:

The Association for Linguistic Typology now solicits bids for a conference
venue and host for ALT 14, 2021. For ALT14 we especially encourage
submissions from outside of Europe, which will host ALT13 in Pavia, and
from outside Australia, which hosted ALT12 in Canberra. Below you will find
a full list of ALT venues, going back to 1995.

ALT I, 1995, Vitoria-Gasteiz, The Basque Country, Spain

ALTII, 1997, Eugene, Oregon, USA

ALT III, 1999, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

ALT IV, 2001, Santa Barbara, California, USA

ALT V, 2003, Sardinia, Italy

ALT VI, 2005, Padang, Indonesia

ALT, VII, 2007, Paris, France

ALT VIII, 2009, Berkeley, California, USA

ALT IX, 2011, Hong Kong

ALT X, 2013, Leipzig

ALT XI, 2015, Albuquerue, USA

ALT XII, 2017, Canberra, Australia

ALT XIII, 2019, Pavia, Italy

In order to be included for consideration by ALT's Executive Committee,
please reply to the ALT secretary and conference organizer, Kristine
Hildebrandt (khildeb at siue.edu), with responses to the following questions:

1. Organizing Committee

Who are proposed members of the local organizing committee? What is the
availability of administrative support at the host institution?

2. Location

Describe the availability of conference halls of various sizes. Describe
also the availability and accessibility of hotels and student
accommodation. Describe also the logistics of venue access, including
access by airport/rail and by local public transport. Keep in mind possible
conflicts with respect to timing, for example local holidays, events,
celebrations, etc. in that location.

3. Timing

Describe the preferred timing, keeping in mind that ALT normally takes
place during summer, and describe or justify timing alternatives (for
example late summer or early autumn), if available. Please keep in mind the
availability of conference halls, hotels etc. at your institution and in
your area. Please describe any possible combination and/or conflicts with
other workshops or conferences at the proposed time of year (e.g. the LSA
Summer Institute in the U.S., and the ICHL).

4. Finances

Please describe any potential funding sources (research councils,
university funding, or other sponsors) that can be used towards ALT 13.
Describe also options available from your institution for offering
scholarships to students and scholars from developing countries.

5. The Role of ALT

The local host institution is the primary organizing force for ALT
conferences. As such, the host is expected to have its own decision-making
process in place. However, ALT will serve an advisory role in particular
matters, including local organizing committee set-up, program committee
establishment, facilitating calls for abstracts and award organization, and
the ALT business meeting.

*Special Note:* If you think that your venue might be appropriate, or if
you want to begin informal discussions, we strongly encourage you to reach
out to ALT Secretary Kristine Hildebrandt (khildeb at siue.edu) or to ALT
President Jeff Good (jcgood at buffalo.edu) early on. We would still require
the full responses to the questions above in order for EC deliberation, but
we would certainly welcome working with interested parties on potential

Please send this information or direct any questions to Kristine
Hildebrandt (khildeb at siue.edu) by *15 October, 2018*. The Executive
Committee will consider the applications, with the intention of selecting
the venue by early 2019 and announcing the venue at the 2019 Pavia ALT

Thank you!
('Thanks' in Manange)

*Kristine A. Hildebrandt*
*Associate Professor, Department of English Language & Literature

*Secretary, Association for Linguistic Typology
*Editor, Himalayan Linguistics
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<https://iris.siue.edu/nepal-earthquakes/>, too!
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