[Lingtyp] Corpus studies of relativization

Holger Dießel holger.diessel at uni-jena.de
Mon Jun 4 10:32:37 UTC 2018

Dear Johanna,

Here are two corpus studies on RCs in English, German and Arabic that  
include frequency information on relativization:

Daniel Wiechmann. 2015. Understanding relative clauses: A usage-based  
view on the processing of complex constructions. Berlin: Mouton de  

Zainab Marzouk Al-Zaghir. 2013. Relativisation and Accessibility: A  
Corpus Analysis of Relative Clauses in Arabic Written Texts. PhD  
Thesis. University of Otago.

Best wishes


Daniel Wiechmann
Zitat von Johanna NICHOLS <johanna at berkeley.edu>:

> We are looking for corpus studies of relativization in adult speech that
> report frequencies of relativization on different arguments.  There seem to
> have been few since Fox 1987, most on English (some references below).  Can
> anyone refer us to other work?  Especially needed are languages with gap
> strategies and languages with ergativity, but all references appreciated.
> We'll summarize.
> Thanks,
> Johanna Nichols
> for the Language Convergence Laboratory, Higher School of Economics, Moscow
> References:
> Fox, Barbara.  1987.  The noun phrase accessibility hierarchy
> reinterpreted: Subject primary or the absolutive hypothesis?  Language
> 63:4.856-870.
> Fox, Barbara, and Sandra A. Thompson.  1990.  A discourse explanation of
> the grammar of relative clauses in English conversation.  *Language*
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> Amsterdam: Benjamins.
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> account.  *Journal of Memory and Language* 75.58-76.
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