[Lingtyp] Words for railway in noun class/classifier languages

Steve Pepper pepper.steve at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 09:28:18 UTC 2018

For my project on binominal lexemes:

*Q1.* Does anyone know of a *noun classifier language* (not a numeral
classifier language) in which the word for 'railway' is formed from the
word for 'iron' plus a classifier meaning 'long, extended thing' (such as
Bora *-iíhyolihyo*)? (No railways in the Amazon, so Bora doesn't have a
word for the concept :-) )

*Q2.* Does anyone know of a *language with **noun classes* in which the
word for 'railway' consists of the word for 'iron' and belongs to a noun
class with the core semantics 'long, extended thing', such as Bantu noun
class 3? (In Swahili, for example -- if the language hadn't borrowed *reli*
< 'railway'* --* it might have *m-chuma* [3-iron].)

Thanks in advance.

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