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Dear David,

Following Joseph's comment, I really don't follow your point.  How does
your "national language" value necessarily correlate with greater
socio-political complexity compared to a "local language only recently part
of larger polity"?  Are you implying that communities which speak a local
language that is not part of a larger polity are necessarily
socio-politically less complex than communities which speak a national


On Mon, 1 Oct 2018 at 11:38, David Gil <gil at shh.mpg.de> wrote:

> Joseph (and all),
> On 01/10/2018 22:22, Joseph Brooks wrote:
> > Seconding Johanna Nichols' questions and adding :
> >
> > how is "greater socio-political complexity" determined? and who
> > exactly is in a position to determine that? If my guess is correct, we
> > are assuming larger industrial and/or hierarchical societies are more
> > complex socio-politically, which seems pretty problematic (at least to
> > me).
> > Joseph
> Until recently I have been working with the following 4-valued scale of
> socio-political complexity:
> national language >
> local variety of national langauge >
> local language historically part of larger polity >
> local language only recently part of larger polity
> It would seem to me that this is relatively straightforward.  In work in
> progress I am developing a more refined scale incorporating date from
> the D-Place database (https://d-place.org/home), specifically the number
> of levels in what they refer to as the "jurisdictional hierarchy beyond
> local community".  Again, I don't really see any problems with this.
> David
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