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Dear all, I am not sure this was mentioned, but the discussion about naming life forms (plant, animals) as it took place in the late 1970s/early 1980s, inspired by Berlin & Kay's work on color terms, may be relevant. Here are some titles about animal life forms:

Hunn, Eugene S. 1976. Toward a Perceptual Model of Folk Biological Classification. American Ethnologist 3:508-524.

Brown, Cecil H. 1979. Folk Zoological Life-Forms: their universality and growth. American Anthropologist81(4):791 - 817

Brown, Cecil H. 1982. Folk Zoological Life-Forms and Linguistic Marking. Journal of Ethnobiology.2(1): 95-112

Brown, Cecil H. 1984. Language and Living Things: Uniformities in Folk Classification and Naming, New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press 1984.

Brown, Cecil H. 1986. The growth of ethnobiological nomenclature. Current Anthropology 27(1): 1-19.

Peter Bakker

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