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Greetings ALT Community:

Please find the latest newsletter here (No. 55). If you would like a
separate .pdf, please just contact me and I'll send you one.

Kristine Hildebrandt (ALT Secretary)

*ALT News No. 55*

*October 2018*

*1. Message from the president (Jeff Good)*

We are now less than one year out from the next ALT meeting in Pavia. Many
of you will have already seen the calls for contributions to workshops
being proposed for the meeting, which shows that members are already
thinking about the sorts of topics that they hope will be explored there.
The general call for abstracts will also be coming soon, and I am looking
forward to seeing the final program when it is ready. New methods in the
study of cross-linguistic diversity are rapidly emerging, and global
efforts to document the world’s languages are making more and more
grammatical data available, especially on lesser studied languages. This is
an exciting time for typology, and the ALT meeting remains the field’s
premier gathering of scholars interested in the study of linguistic

As we get closer to the next meeting, the ALT officers are working on two
related initiatives that we hope to make substantial progress in the coming
months. These are an overhaul of the ALT website and putting a membership
management system in place that is run by ALT rather than De Gruyter
Mouton, the publisher of *Linguistic Typology*. If any members would like
to contribute to these efforts, please feel free to reach out to me.

I’d also like to take this opportunity let the membership know about an
exciting new development for the journal *Linguistic Typology*. The
Executive Committee recently approved the creation of a new position for
the journal for a Review Editor, and I am delighted to announce
that Tatiana (Tanya) Nikitina of CNRS has agreed to take on the position.
The availability of basic information about new books on the web means that
there is a less of a need for traditional “summary-style” book notices than
there used to be. However, that does not diminish the importance of
ensuring that fair and accessible reviews are published on the latest work
of relevance to typology. A dedicated Review Editor for the journal will
help make certain that works representing the entire field of typology, as
well as its international orientation, are given the attention that they
deserve in the pages of the journal.

Finally, I’d like to encourage all members of ALT who have recently
completed typological dissertations or dissertations constituting
descriptive grammars to consider submitting their work for the Greenberg
and Panini Awards. I’d also like to encourage more senior members of ALT to
likewise encourage their junior colleagues who are eligible to submit their
work for consideration. Making these awards is one of ALT’s most important
function, and they provide an opportunity for the Association to showcase
the strongest work on typology and language description being produced by
junior scholars today.

*2. ALT 13 Announcements*

*2.1. Conference Venue*

The 13th biennial Association for Linguistic Typology meeting will be held
4-6 September, 2019 at the University of Pavia, Italy. The organizers
include Silvia Luraghi, Sonia Cristofaro, Elisa Roma, and Ciara Zanchi.

The URL for ALT 13 is:

ALT 13 will feature teach-ins that will be scheduled on Tuesday, 3
September 2019 (preceding the meeting).

1.     *Using Universal Dependencies for Linguistic Typology* - Natalia
Levshina and Marco Passarotti

2.     *The Italo-Romance languages* - Roberta d'Alessandro and Emanuele

3.     *The typology of planned languages* - Federico Gobbo

4.     *Typological challenges from Afro-Asiatic* - Mauro Tosco and

Participation in all teach-ins is free, but for teach-in #1, places will be
limited to 25 participants for technical reasons. Registration will open in
June 2019.

 Additionally, a first circular has been sent containing the call for Theme
session proposals with a Nov. 15th deadline; it can be found here:


The general call for abstracts will be at the end of November, 2018.

More information on the meeting is available at the conference webpage,
which is constantly updated:


*2.2. Awards*

Both the Greenberg and Panini award solicitation announcements have been
sent to various mailing lists. The deadline for submission to either award
is 15 December, 2018. However, based on individual circumstances, the
deadline can be extended, but only after consultation with the award
committee chair. The chair for the Greenberg award is Peter Arkadiev (
alpgurev at gmail.com). The chair for the Panini award is Hilary Chappell (
paniniaward2019 at gmail.com.).

The award committee for Greenberg consists of:

Marina Chumakina

Sonia Cristofaro

Mark Donohue

Larry Hyman

Matti Miestamo

Tatiana Nikitina

Frans Plank

Sergey Say

Eva van Lier

The award committee for Panini consists of:

Niclas Burenhult

Wilson De Lima Silva

Diana Forker

Alice Gaby

Tom Güldemann

Hirofumi Hori

Gwen Hyslop

Nerida Jarkey

František Kratochvil

Florian Lionnet

Danqing Liu

Enrique Palancar

Andrey Shluinsky

Martine Vanhove

Yogendra P. Yadava

We are grateful to the chairs and committee members for their service to

*3. Table of contents for Linguistic Typology 2018 (3) (Maria Koptjevskaya
Tamm, editor)*

Research Articles

Meagan Vigus – Antipassive constructions: Correlations of form and function
across languages

Natalia Evseeva and Iker Salaberri – Grammaticalization of nouns meaning
“head” into reflexive markers: A cross-linguistic study – THE EDITOR’S
CHOICE (freely accessible)

Antoinette Schapper and Lourens de Vries – Comparatives in Melanesia:
Concentric circles of convergence – OPEN ACCESS

Book Reviews

Inge Genee – de Groot, Casper (ed). 2017. Uralic essive and the expression
of impermanent state

Josefina Safar – Beyond the impact factor: Personal accounts from
linguistic fieldworkers

Sarvasy, Hannah and Diana Forker (eds.). 2018. Word Hunters: Field
Linguists on Fieldwork – OPEN ACCESS
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