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Hello David — Yucatec Maya has compound verb stems that pattern like morphologically compact SVCs. Valence-changing morphology operates on the entire compound stem. In fact, transitive compound stems obligatorily include transitivizing morphology. Here’s an old handout of mine that discusses the phenomenon:


The handout doesn’t include passive examples, but here’s one (elicited):

Le=máak=o’         t-u=mèet-ah                           u=xíik+ch’ìin-t-a'l 
DEF=person=D2 PRV-A3=make-CMP(B3SG)  A3=break.apart+pelt-APP-PASS.INC 

le=bàaso  tuméen le=xibpal=o’
DEF=cup CAUSE  DEF=male:child=D2

‘The man made the boy smash the cups’; 
lit. ‘The man, he made the cups be shatter-pelted by the boy’

HTH! — Juergen

> On Apr 15, 2019, at 10:24 PM, Adam James Ross Tallman <ajrtallman at utexas.edu> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I'm wondering if anyone has come across cases of valence morphemes/derivations described as "affixes" or "clitics" that can have wide-scope over coordinated verbs, like in English (imagining the passive is just marked by "was").
> "The monkey was lifted up and untied (by his mother)"
> but where the passive morpheme is analyzed as an affix or a clitic (by someone) - presumably in such cases there would be no "government" of the verb forms as there is in English.
> I've found in Chacobo the bound affix/clitics vary in terms of whether they can have wide scope depending on the type of coordinate/subordinate construction, and right now the difference seems to be a somewhat arbitrary structural fact (indeed I just analyze it as a difference in the "size" of the constituent being coordinated).
> But I have a suspicion that there is something else about the semantics of valency and its relationship to wide-scope, so any pointers would be very appreciated.
> best,
> Adam
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