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Giurgea Ion giurgeaion at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 17 15:16:14 UTC 2019

Dear Swedish speakers,
I would like to ask your judgment about some sentences containing "flest" with a superlative (not a proportional) interpretation:
1. Imaginea context where the requirements for various courses involve writing a numberof pages and we compare these requirements. In such a context, can thesentences in (1)-(2) be used, in order to say that the largest number of pagesis required for the literature class? Is one of the sentence better? If bothare unacceptable, can you offer an alternative?

(1)       Flest sidor ska skrivas ilitteraturkursen

(2)       a. De flesta sidor ska skrivas ilitteraturkursen

            b. De flesta sidorna ska skrivas ilitteraturkursen


2. Rate theacceptability of the following sentences:

(3)       Vemhar flest vänner?            

(4)       Vem har de flesta vänner?

(5)       Igår var det flest demonstranter.       (= more than in the other days)

(6)       Igår var det de flesta demonstranter(na)

(7)       Flest barn är födda i juli.

(8)       De flestabarn är fodda i juli.

(9)       De flestabarnen är fodda i juli.
Ion Giurgea
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