[Lingtyp] Topic and focus markers with other functions

Isabelle BRIL isabelle.bril at cnrs.fr
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There are many cases of coordinators (sequential, additive, 
constrastive, disjunctive), of demonstratives as well as some 
case-markers used as topic and focus markers in a number of 
Austronesian-Oceanic languages.

The attached article analyses such cases.

2010, Bril I., “Informational and referential hierarchy: clause-linking 
strategies in Austronesian-Oceanic languages”. In Bril 
(ed.)./Clause-linking and clause hierarchy: syntax and pragmatics/. 
Amsterdam: Benjamins. 269-311.

This article is part of the following volume :
2010,Bril I. (éd.), /Clause-linking and clause hierarchy: syntax and 
pragmatics./ [Studies in Language Companion Series 121]. Benjamins

in which other such cases are analysed in other language families, for 

Frajzyngier in Wandala (Central Chadic) (Chapter 9),
Vanhove in Yafi‘ Arabic (Yemen) (involving demonstratives and perception 
verbs) (Chapter 10),
Taine-Cheikh (Chapter 11) in Zenaga (Berber) .

TAM markers are another possible source analysed by:

Verstraete in Umpithamu (Paman language, Australia), Chapter 14
Robert in Wolof (Niger-Congo, Senegal) (Chapter 15)
François in Hiw and Lo-Toga (Oceanic, Vanuatu),Chapter 16) .

Hope this helps.

Isabelle Bril

Le 01/08/2019 à 01:08, Frederick J Newmeyer a écrit :
> Dear Lingtyp,
> I am looking for examples where topic markers or focus markers in some 
> language are clearly members of some broad morphosyntactic category.
> Let me give an example involving negatives of the sort of thing that I 
> am looking for. Negative elements in various languages are often 
> members of a broader category: in Estonian negative particles are 
> auxiliaries, in Tongan they are complement-taking verbs, in English 
> they are adverbs, and so on.
> So what I am looking for are parallel examples with topic and focus 
> markers: cases where a reasonable analysis would assign them to some 
> broader category.
> Thanks,
> Fritz
> Frederick J. Newmeyer
> Professor Emeritus, University of Washington
> Adjunct Professor, U of British Columbia and Simon Fraser U
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