[Lingtyp] Canonical Typology bibliography makes a "century"

Greville Corbett g.corbett at surrey.ac.uk
Wed Aug 7 13:04:46 UTC 2019

The Canonical Typology bibliography has reached 100 entries (http://www.smg.surrey.ac.uk/approaches/canonical-typology/bibliography/). Authors from Aronoff to Walther, topics ranging from phonaesthemes to negation, languages analysed go from Tilapa Otomi to Kayardild and beyond; read about it in Czech, French, German, Italian (as well as in English). Many of the papers are downloadable.

Please do send in new items using the Canonical Typology approach, as well as any items which have been inadvertently omitted (for which I apologise), to: g.corbett at surrey.ac.uk. Ideally a cut-and-paste reference and, if it can be posted, a pdf of the paper.

Greville G. Corbett
Surrey Morphology Group
University of Surrey

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