[Lingtyp] so-called dative "subjects"

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Dear Ilja, dear Martin, dear all




Ilja’s suggestion is exactly the one I made as soon as December 21,  2018 in
the mail I reproduce below. 


« Dear Johanna, Spike, Denis and others,


Such verbs are treated and exemplified in « Vers une typologie linguistique
des affects »,  Claude Hagège, Bulletin de la Société de Linguistique de
Paris, tome CI, fasc. 1, 2006, 89-132. Note that this article does not use
the expression « dative subjet » (even though this expression is
widespread), simply because the dative experiencer cannot be the grammatical
subject, a function which, in inflectional languages, is generally marked by
zero or by the nominative. Actually, in such sentences  the grammatical
subject (marked in this way) is  represented by the word which expresses the
cause, or stimulus, of the affect.  »

And let me add  that I have never understood what the notion of « non
canonical » subject means, unless one implies thereby, without saying it
explicitly, subjects like those used, in Western European languages, in
sentences other than those which express affects.





(Claude Hagège, Chaire de Théorie Linguistique, Collège de France, Paris)

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