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 Hi, Yunfan. Attached please find a PDF version of that paper. Sorry, the file quality is not so good.

    On Wednesday, January 23, 2019, 10:42:23 PM GMT+8, Lai, Yunfan <lai at shh.mpg.de> wrote:  
 Dear Danny,
Very interesting. Could you also provide the references of the papers you mentioned (especially the one published in Yuyan yanjiu)?
Thank you!

Yunfan Lai
在 2019年1月23日,下午3:15,LIU Danqing <liudanq at yahoo.com> 写道:

Dear All:
    I am LIU Danqing from China. You can call me Danny. Prof. Randy LaPolla was a member of the supervising group for my Ph.D study in City University of Hong Kong. I am glad to join you in discussions here. 
   As I know, We have concepts like phonological word rather late in Chinese linguistic field (Mainland), but some dialect researchers might have created a term similar to this independently in 1986. In a frequently-cited Chinese paper on tone sandhi published in Yuyan Yanjiu (Linguistics Study) authored by Wutai, a pseudonym for 5 linguists, the authors proposed a new term 'yuyin ci'(phonetic word) to account for tone sandhi.  At that time, most of Chinese linguists haven't distinguished between phonetics and phonology, both referred to as yuyinxue (phonetics). After this paper, yuyin ci gradually became a common term in Chinese linguistics. Nowadays, due to the influence from the West, yunlyu ci (prosodic word) is getting more and more popular among Chinese linguists, but yinxi ci (phonological word) seems to remain a less-mentioned term.
On Sunday, January 20, 2019, 6:44:46 AM GMT+8, Adam James Ross Tallman <ajrtallman at utexas.edu> wrote:

Hello everyone,
I'm trying to trace the roots of the development of the concept of "phonological word". Does anyone know who first used this term? The earliest I can find is Dixon's (1977) grammar of Yidin. What about "prosodic word"?
I'm aware that the roots of the idea can be found much earlier than when the concept was first mentioned, but I'm interested in the implicit analogy between a morphosyntactic constituency and phonological constituency and how, when and why that entered linguistics.
Any help would be appreciated.
Adam J.R. TallmanInvestigador del Museo de Etnografía y Folklore, la Paz

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