[Lingtyp] The first issue of "Linguistic Typology" for 2019 is out

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Mon May 13 08:58:06 UTC 2019

Dear friends and colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that the issue of Linguistic Typology for 2019 is out. It is full of exciting contributions, including a rich discussion of reported speech involving researchers with very different areas of expertise. And, as you will notice, the vast majority of the contributions in this issue are published as free / open access! Enjoy – and spread the word.

Warm regards,

Masha Koptjevskaja Tamm (Editor), Angela Terrill (Assistant Editor), and the Editorial Board

Linguistic Typology 2019-1

Universality and language-dependency of tense and aspect: performatives from a crosslinguistic perspective – Egbert Fortuin OPEN ACCESS

Elevation as a category of grammar: Sanzhi Dargwa and beyond –
Diana Forker

Obituary Gilbert Lazard – Claire Moyse-Faurie

Obituary Hansjakob Seiler – Christian Lehmann

Target paper and discussion: OPEN / FREE ACCESS
Target paper
Reported speech forms a dedicated syntactic domain: Typological arguments and observations  – Stef Spronck & Tatiana Nikitina OPEN ACCESS

Commentaries and response EDITOR’S CHOICE (FREE ACCESS)
Barbara Dancygier – Reported Speech and viewpoint hierarchy

Cliff Goddard & Anna Wierzbicka – Reported speech as a pivotal human phenomenon: Commentary on Spronck and Nikitina

Tom Güldemann  – What is syntactic about reported speech/discourse?

Gabrielle Hodge & Kearsy Cormier – Reported speech as enactment: Response to Spronck & Nikitina “Reported speech forms a dedicated syntactic domain”

Emar Maier – On the exceptionality of reported speech

William B. McGregor – Reported speech as a dedicated grammatical domain – and why defenestration should not be thrown out the window

Josep Quer – Delimiting reported discourse: cross-modal criteria

Ger Reesink – Quotations form a recursive discourse

Alan Rumsey – Response to Spronck  Nikitina “Reported speech forms a dedicated syntactic domain”

Stef Spronck & Tatiana Nikitina – Response to the commentaries

Natalia Evseeva and Iker Salaberri
Corrigendum to “Grammaticalization of nouns meanings ‘head’ into reflexive markers: A cross-linguistic study

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