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Hi Adam, 

Southern Vietnamese is  considered to have no word-level stress (see Brunelle, 2017). Nevertheless, the author also points out that there is  variation between speakers.

Brunelle, M. (2017). Stress and phrasal prominence in tone languages: The case of Southern Vietnamese. Journal of the International Phonetic Association, 47(3), 283-320. doi:10.1017/S0025100316000402

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Hey all, 

This is just a query for sources.

I'm looking for languages that have been explicitly described as having no word-level stress. I was under the impression that this was fairly common, but apparently the existence of such languages (e.g. French) is controversial [?]. 

To be clear, I mean stress in Hyman's sense of a single culminative and obligatory marking of prominence. 

(After that, I'm wondering whether there have been cases of languages that are described as containing neither word-level nor phrase-level stress in the same sense).




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