[Lingtyp] Fwd: Copy of Hale 1976, DAWL

Bill Palmer bill.palmer at newcastle.edu.au
Wed Apr 1 00:39:50 UTC 2020

Hi Raoul

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d certainly like the whole volume if that’s possible.

I’m not clear what the situation is with DAWL. Where is it housed at present, and why does it need to move? How does one get access to it now?


Bill Palmer
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Dear Jonah,
a digital reproduction of Hale (1976) is in attachment. Let me know if you also need the rest of the volume.
This file if from a digital archive called DAWL (Digital Archive of the World's Languages) created over 20 years ago containing now (in this moment) over 100,000 resources (linguistic descriptions and other materials) about 7,073 languages of the world (or varieties considered as such by Glottolog). This archive is in search of an institution that can adopt it and save it from dispersion, by respecting the current copyright restrictions.
If anyone is interested or has ideas can contact me, of course.
Raoul Zamponi

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Dear all,

I hope this works as this is my first time posting to this list. I was wondering if anyone on here might have a digital copy of Ken Hale's 1976 paper " Phonological developments in particular Northern Paman languages". It appeared in the volume Languages of Cape York with Peter Sutton as editor. We have a physical copy in our library here but current circumstances prevent us from going into the library and our digital chapter request process is enormously backed up with requests due to everyone working from home. If so, could you send me a copy?

Thank you!
-Jonah Bates

Jonah Bates
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Department of Linguistics
University of Kansas
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