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Christian Lehmann christian.lehmann at uni-erfurt.de
Fri Apr 3 17:36:45 UTC 2020

Dear colleagues,

I initiated the thread with the above topic more than a week ago, and  
the discussion has long petered out. I thank everybody who took part in 
it. I had intended to summarize the discussion in a concluding post to 
this thread. However, and this is why it took me so long, I tried to 
integrate all of the observations and suggestions in a set of webpages 
devoted to the problem of linguistic representations. Small surprise, 
this was not feasible in two days. Those who are interested in the 
product may have a look at


Several among you will find their observations integrated there. Any 
kind of criticism or enhancement will be highly welcome.

Just a remark on Peter's contribution: I fully back your observation 
that we need some basic agreements on several aspects of linguistic 
methodology. It is of the utmost importance that science be free. But 
free does not mean arbitrary. Science also needs quality standards. 
Methodology, especially its „lower levels“ like representation of 
linguistic data, is susceptible of standardization without any prejudice 
to freedom of science. On the contrary, it would free researchers from 
routine problems andcontribute to objectivizing procedures and results 
of scientific work.




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